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Business Design & Architecture Training

Business Design Architecture & Training

Business Architecture drives Business Success

In today’s rapidly changing and complex environments business architecture has become an increasingly important toolset in the discipline of strategic management and is used for driving business success.


Developed by:
Craig Martin, founder and CEO of DesignChain Australia and founder and Director of TribalMind

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Why Business Design and Architecture?

Business Architecture is one of the key layers within Enterprise Architecture and is closely associated with business information which is ultimately used to describe the product and/or service strategy, and the organisational, functional, process, information, and geographic aspects of the business environment.

Business Architecture is represented as a range of models with the Business Capability model forming the foundation for a capability-based planning approach to business improvement or redesign.


This 4-day course interweaves elements of theory, practice and evaluation for Business Architecture which are then applied to a case study through a series of methods and techniques. It is a staged approach, in how to develop a Business Architecture and use this to derive useful business insights. The insights are used to form advice and recommendations to influence strategic perspectives and decision making.

Course Outcome

At the end of this course, you will know how to develop and use a Business Architecture to represent and mobilise critical knowledge about your business; current and future.

Training Material

Delegates will receive a training file containing summarised Business Design and Architecture training material in PowerPoint format. Supplementary material is provided on a USB, containing a soft copy of all the training material and other useful products..


In-class assessment. While there is no formal certification, the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) professionally recognises this course for their members with 30 PD hours or CDUs.

"This course is suitable for business and IT people. I would like to thank Craig Martin, Marius Snel and the Knotion Consulting team for accommodating us in their Business Design and Architecture Training. The amount of value I received from the training is mindblowing considering that it was only delivered in four days. The experience and practically used to deliver the content of the training was nothing short of outstanding! I look forward to continuing our engagement on Business Design and Architecture."

Lemphane Mokhobo
Manager: Business & Process Architecture Management at University of the Free State

  • Capability-based planning
  • Business Architecture & Strategic Planning
  • Case Study Intro and Group Formation
  • Engaging Stakeholders and eliciting concerns
  • Business Modeling
  • Value Mapping
  • Capability Mapping and Business Capability Models (BCM)
  • Introduction to Overlays and Views
  • Strategic Analyses – Part 1
  • Strategic Analyses – Part 2
  • Strategic Analyses – Part 3
  • Disruption and Strategic Impact on Business
  • Problem Synthesis and Definition
  • Case Study Review
  • Strategic Mapping and Business Motivation Model
  • Presenting on Proposed Business Strategy
  • Introduction to Operationalising Strategy
  • Strategic Analyses – Part 4
  • Defining a Target State for Operating Model
  • Creating a Transition Plan/Execution Path
  • Introduction to Roadmaps
  • Connecting Architecture and Projects
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Facilitation
  • Applied for your own organisation
Craig Martin

Craig Martin

Founder and CEO of DesignChain Australia and founder and Director of TribalMind

Some of Craig’s achievements include:
  • Designed ecosystems for digitising elections at a national scale;
  • Launched the world’s first digital and enhanced television platform;
  • Privatised government defence companies;
  • Designed and optimised business models and product offerings for media, entertainment, logistics, banking and telecoms;
  • Designed digital strategies for major finance corporations;
  • Applied AI to complex / chaos scenarios in telecoms and transport;
  • Designed one of the world’s first model driven and dynamically adaptable microservices solutions at scale; and
  • Developed and launched thought leadership publications and training material in the space of strategic and enterprise design, business agility and architecture.
Craig Martin

Craig provides independent growth strategy, advisory and coaching support to executives, teams, start-ups, as well as established corporations. In his role he offers high level, substantiated recommendations to executives and board members on strategic direction, innovation, time-to-market, value management and lean-agile transformation. Craig is also an internationally recognized speaker on embedding innovation and creating value engines using design, architecture and agile.

He is one of the founders, and current chairman of the Australian Strategic Design Institute. The institute focusses on applying strategic design to tackling complex social problem spaces, to create the Australian society of the future.

He is a qualified strategic designer, digital strategist, green belt lean six sigma practitioner, certified lean-agile change agent (SPC), Open Group Certified architect and a licensed engage and grow coach.