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It starts with people.

Our training offering includes The TOGAF® EA Training,  ArchiMate® 3 Training to prepare candidates for certification. However Knotion does not see certification as the end goal but rather as a byproduct of good understanding gained during our training events. We select experienced architects as trainers so that they are equipped to facilitate discussions around real-world scenarios. Knotion also offers a Customer Experience Management course.

Knotion’s The TOGAF Standard, 10th Edition course is an Accredited TOGAF Standard, Training Course and complies with the accreditation requirements for The Open Group TOGAF Certification for People program.

Knotion’s ArchiMate® 3 Training course is an Accredited ArchiMate® 3 Training Course and complies with the accreditation requirements for The Open Group ArchiMate® 3 Training Certification for People program.

The Open Group Certification Mark Logo is a trademark, and The Open Group®, TOGAF® and ArchiMate® are registered trademarks of The Open Group in the United States and other countries.


The TOGAF Standard, 10th Edition makes adoption of best practices easier. It will show you where to find enduring and universal concepts and proven best practice.  The standard applies to all EA practices at all levels – strategy, portfolio, project, or solution delivery or a digital transformation initiative, or legacy simplification.

Knotion’s TOGAF Standard, course prepares delegates for certification against the current TOGAF Standard,  as understood by architects worldwide and documented under The Open Group’s Architecture Framework.


ArchiMate® 3 is an open and independent graphical modelling language for Enterprise Architecture. It is an international, vendor-independent standard of The Open Group, liberating you from the lock-in of vendor-specific tools and frameworks.

The success rate of your enterprise architecture effort is dramatically increased when the use of ArchiMate® 3 is correctly and efficiently addressed within your organisation, and we will provide you the case studies to prove this.


​The Customer Experience Management course is a training course where attendees are taught the theory on CEM and provided with a framework including tools and techniques to use, to implement CEM effectively in their organisation. ​The CEM course introduces individuals and teams to design tools that will help them to align their organisation towards customer-centricity.

Attendees learn how to identify customer journeys for optimisation, how to run journey design workshops, how to package the content so that the business would take ownership of it and how to implement an improvement programme to implement the findings. In addition, they are also provided with questionnaires to assist them to test their organisation’s level of maturity on CEM regarding leadership, strategy, culture, organisation design and systems, technology and processes. ​

This is an applied course where in addition to formal classroom training, attendees apply the CEM approach to a real-world problem in a structured and supportive environment.