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Smart Capability

Do you have the right enterprise architecture capability to add value to your business?

Building Enterprise Architecture Capability

We introduced our Smart Capability offering to ensure that you can continue what we started. We can therefore help you to create an enterprise architecture capability or we can manage it for you as a service. If you already have such a capability and are in need of some resources, we can supplement it with our very experienced and comprehensive resourcing capability.

EA CapabilityEA Maturity AssessmentEA Skills TransferEA Resource Capability
EA Capability

At Knotion we believe that an enterprise architecture capability should be effective and quick to deliver value. The plea for fast value-generation is universal: organisations today do not have the luxury of spending months on the establishment of an EA practice. We have created various techniques and developed our own approaches, based on TOGAF and Archimate.  Our approach assist clients to rapidly develop their EA capability.

EA departments need to ‘earn the right’ to do EA. The only way to earn this right is through the generation of real value – i.e. enabling stakeholders to make decisions, plan effectively, manage risk and optimise their business units. In response to this need, Knotion’s interactive EA establishment life-cycle approach allows for the quicker generation of value-adding EA content to stakeholders.

An EA that does not support the unique requirements, culture and context of the organisation, is not sustainable and will fail to generate value. In line with this our experience have shown that a large part of most EA capabilities can be commoditised. This has been done by us. When we engage with you, we only need to focus on those things that will make your EA capability unique and add value relevant to your EA vision.


Preserve the credibility of the EA practice at your organisation, retain stakeholder buy-in and ensure continued support for your enterprise architecture.

EA Maturity Assessment

We have developed a cross life-cycle capability maturity development framework that encompasses a maturity development matrix and a maturity tracking matrix.

A simplistic four-quadrant maturity model identifies four maturity positions based on the level of architectural thinking and the level of architecture integration into the organisation. The ideal maturity position is ‘Optimising’.

The matrices define 18 maturity focus areas, and 13 maturity stages for systematically moving the enterprise into an ‘Optimising’ position. The matrices also provide maturity development activities and maturity tracking milestones, respectively per focus area and maturity stage.


An integrated and mature architecture capability that demonstrates a high level of thinking within the organisation as well as the ability to implement, whilst working on continuous improvement and renewal.

EA Skills Transfer

Knotion follows a dual approach in terms of skills transfer:

  • We apply our skills assessment to determine the skills gap, and devise medium term resource development plans (3 – 5 years)
  • We embed skills development into our projects, in line with the requirements of resource development plans, thereby moving the client’s human capability closer to its goal

In terms of skills transfer during projects, Knotion has found that shorter iterations of providing training, and then entrenching new learning through relevant practical project involvement with mentorship, renders the best results.


An increase in the capacity of skills in your organisation that enables optimum delivery on your enterprise architecture vision.

EA Resource Capability

Knotion are working relentlessly with our clients on understanding their unique requirements for architects. We have developed a unique SMART RESOURCING methodology whereby we not only develop a pipeline of skills but also understanding people’s strengths and we do a psychometric assessment.  This allows us to match the right resources with the right client, not only from an experience but also from a cultural fit point of view.

We have various resources available that we can contract for any length of period to your organisation or project.

We have the following skills available:

  • Enterprise Architects
  • Business Architects
  • Information Architects
  • Data Architects
  • Application Architects
  • Technology Architects
  • Tool specialists
  • Business Analysts

You can skill up your team as and when required to generate maximum value from your enterprise architecture capability quickly and efficiently.